I am assuming it's called teeterboard "practice" because these guys are circus performers or maybe they work for Cirque de Soleil. The description under the video doesn't say.

But whatever the reasons might be for these two guys to be doing something that is magic--as far as I'm concerned since it looks impossible--I'm glad someone had the wherewithal to post it to YouTube.

You know, when YouTube started up--what, like 7 or 8 years ago or something?--I thought it was an interesting website and a fun idea. But I'm a YouTube junkie. I'm on it all the time.

And this video of this acrobatic mastery is just another reason why.

While watching it, I imagined myself doing this and then how long my hospital stay would be and then, inevitably, going from a baritone to a tenor...no, wait, make that a soprano.

Yep, it's magic.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Someone's awfully persnickety because he or she disabled embedding. That's why I provided a link. Some people, I tell ya.