Now, before anyone gets in a tissy, this is not another "Open Letter To Lauren Alaina" from Chad or a recap of the latest Twitter battle of the American Idol alum from Dave Spencer. No, it's just my almost-30 year-old realization that slowly, but surely, I'm turning into my mother.

Yes, it's something that we all at some point fear and something that we all at some point kinda (secretly) enjoy!Me and my mom are alot like me and Carsyn, there's no denying that one came from the other! But, seriously, if you've ever met my mother, it really explains SO much! (Just ask Chad, he can go on for days about me and my mom!) Now, even thou I'm the most like my mom, my older sister Allison shares many of the mother hand-me-downs.

Our mannerisms have pretty much always been the same; prissy, giggly, a little ditsy and slightly flirtatious. Haha! Ok, maybe a lot ditsy and really flirtatious, but you get the point. So, here lately, I'm starting to realize that I really do so many things like my mother does.

Here's my latest list:

- I basically wash the dishes before they go into the dishwasher. Some may think I'm crazy, but putting dishes into the dishwasher with food stuck on them makes my skin crawl!! It's just gross!! (This is a trait that my lovely older sister does not share.)

- I'm pretty much a laundry geek. I LOVE doing laundry! I seriously do. There's not much than I enjoy more than separating and treating Carsyn's clothes, washing/drying/hanging up the ones that just don't need to be in the dryer, ironing them and organizing the clothes back in her closet. Yes, maybe it's a problem. But, at least I don't iron my jeans or bed sheets like my mom does. I'm not THAT crazy... (This is definitely not a trait that my older sister shares.)

- The cleanliness of my car. Or should I say, the lack thereof. Yea, I pretty much live in that thing and I know at any given point I can find 12 lip glosses, 9 articles of clothing, 6 fingernail files, 3 juice cups and a partridge in a pear tree. (This is a trait that my lovely sister definitely shares.)

- My lip gloss/lip stick obsession. Y'all hear me all of the time talking about my lip gloss. This comes directly from my mom. (Or maybe the Miss America pageant obsession. Flip a coin.) It doesn't matter where we are going or what we look like appearance wise, we will always put lip gloss on before getting out of the car. One of the last times I was home, we unfortunately had to go to the funeral home. All three of us, me, my mom and my sister went though the motions of sharing the same lip gloss, before the keys even left the ignition. Not one word was said to prompt this action, just a reflex. :) (Obviously,this is a trait that my lovely older sister shares.)

- This is the trait that I just noticed this past weekend. My mom always decorated her potted plants with American flags around related holidays. I always thought it was a really special thing to do. Her dad served in the military and we have always been very proud of him and his service. Well, today after watering our plants, Carsyn and I put our little, tiny, cute American flags into our potted plants. She loved it and it's really fun (trying) to explain to her why we did it. (This would be a trait that my lovely older sister shares, if she would remember to water her potted plants and not let them die. No one is more proud of our Papa Jerry than she is.)

So, I want to know.... What trait do you get from your mom? Even the ones that we maybe wish we didn't get ;) Kinda like my love for anything with sugar that's not good for you, dang it! (This is not a trait that my lovely older sister shares. She's the athletic one, ugh!)