You know the rules at work, right? If you have a unisex bathroom, leave the toilet seat up. If there’s less than inch of coffee at the bottom of the pot, empty it before it burns and smells like brimstone. Same with popcorn—monitor, monitor, monitor, or it will stink. And above all, LOCK THE DOORS! There are many more, but for the sake of social sanctity on the job, let’s not break these. There are some, however, that you can! Let’s investigate.

Writer Patrick Doyle from Real Simple Magazine has done his homework and compiled some ideas that shatter a few myths about our philosophy with regards to our jobs. I guess the big one right now with all of us in this economy is to KEEP YOUR JOB! But he gets a little more specific than that.  Now, at first, you’d immediately agree that getting too emotionally involved with anyone or a specific occurrence at work would be a bad idea, but the suggestion that if tension develops or exists between any two co-workers that it be resolved is a solid one. The other ideas are equally sound—how you navigate your career path, the amount of time you spend at work, expanding your responsibilities, and keeping your network gladhanding away from being a 24 hour grind. It’s all good stuff. You know, I see these lists all the time: 10 things you shouldn’t do at an intersection, 5 things you should do at the
checkout line, 23 things you aren’t doing with your living room but should. Some are interesting to a point. But maybe these will actually prove to be helpful.