Clear your schedule and give the kids a treat. The Little Mermaid cast is swimming to Owensboro River Park. Ariel, Prince Eric, King Triton, Sebastian, Flounder, and even Ariel's sisters will be at the tea party.

Saturday March 17th from 10 a.m. to noon the Owensboro Dance Theatre are hosting a tea party for adults, and children. Ticket pricing are $35 for a couple plus $10 for each additional person in the party. This tea party will take place on stage for the children to see what it's like viewing the audience, tours around the stage are also possible for children, or adults who are interested.

New for this tea party is a video back drop for to see and get a full experience, kids will be able to do crafts, and also snacks will be provided with the tea party such as: (fruit, bagel, checks minis, cheese crackers, cookies.) This tea party is a fundraiser for the Owensboro Dance Theatre this is the fourth spring theme they have done.

Reservations are asked to be made in advance please call (270)685-1578 to register. When I spoke with Karen Briner she said "this is lots of fun for children and adults." Everyone is welcome children, moms, grandmothers, even dad's can come and enjoy this wonderful event. Reservation are to be made by 2 on Friday do to limited space, also their are still a few tickets available for the show Saturday night at 7 p.m  and can be purchased through the River Park Center.

So bring your kids and have a ball under the sea this Saturday at 10.