I've always thought that the combination of reality and live television would one day prove disastrous.  It seems ratings-starved television producers always want to up the ante these days.  The reward and immunity challenges on Survivor are now so strenuous that "medical" is called in routinely.  The Amazing Race thrusts its contestants into frenzied situations involving all modes of transport, some of the world's busiest streets and nerve-wracking, life-endangering stunts. Now,  America's Got Talent has gotten into the mix.  They encourage their magicians, acrobats, and variety acts (sword swallowers, high divers and more) to push the limits and flirt with danger and death.  While The Kinetic King, the geeky master of elaborate domino effects, doesn't put his life in danger, he certainly pushes the limits.  And before last night's live episode, he spent 36 straight hours building his latest stunt . . . only to see it go horribly wrong on live television.  For viewers like me, it was very sad and, yes, in some ways, horrifying.  That said, I knew it was only a matter of time.