Here at WBKR, we are huge fans of local artist Aaron Kizer.  Personally speaking, I think Aaron is just amazing.  His talent is undeniable and people around the world have taken notice.  But, those of us who know him personally know that Aaron is much more than a guy with a paint brush.  He is an artist with a heart as pure and as beautiful as the creations he paints on canvas.  Because of this and his charitable commitments and offerings around the community, I just had a hunch I should jump on board his Black Print project.  Sure, it sounded a little ridiculous to spend $30 on a sheet of paper that was simply painted black.  But, I think everyone who bought a print knew that there was going to be something very impactful in doing so.  Turns out, there was!

For the Black Print project, Aaron created 500 limited-edition prints.  Each was numbered (1 of 500, 2 of 500, and so on) and each was signed.  Everyone who purchased a print was promised that a video would be released that would explain the meaning behind the project, the meaning behind these simple sheets of paper that were merely painted black.

Late Saturday night, Aaron uploaded that video . . .

Yes.  I am the proud owner of an Aaron Kizer Black Print.  I have #120 of 500.

(#120 of 500)

And to say that I am a proud owner is most definitely an understatement.  It's ironic, I suppose.  I ran into Aaron's wife, Kitty, the day I went to pick my Black Print up from Hobby Lobby.  I had just paid about $200 to have it professionally framed with museum glass.  I told Kitty what I had spent and told her to relay this message to her husband . . . "Tell Aaron, it had better be worth it!"

Well, it was.  The Black Print project is complete.  As absurd as it sounded from the onset, Kizer's mission was anything but.  And, like a true artist, he has created a canvas that inspires.  A simple Black Print.  It's emotional.  It's powerful.  And, quite miraculously, it inspired a movement.  And that movement gave hope to an anonymous woman when she needed it most.  That, my friends, is art.  That, my friends, is Aaron Kizer.