When the 2014 local racing season revs into action, one local team will be racing for more than just the finish line.  Mike Royal, with Royal Racing, will be behind the wheel of the #84 car, which, this year, is designed with a special mission in mind.


Yep!  He's racing for this guy.  Mike's stepson Tyler has been battling epilepsy for roughly 10 years.  He was recently outfitted with a VNS implant which is supposed to help control his seizures, but his struggles with the disease continue.  And, in 2014, Royal Racing will be competing on his behalf.

Tyler's VNS Implant, which attaches to the vagus nerve to prevent seizures by sending consistent electrical impulses to the brain. (Photo by Mike Royal)

In addition to designing the car to champion Epilepsy Awareness, the team has partnered with country music singer and America's Got Talent star Marty Brown to sell shirts for the cause as well.  Those shirts will be sold and worn at races throughout the season and during the annual Epilepsy Walk, which is scheduled for June 7th here in Owensboro.

Several sponsors are already on board with the project: Fisher's Keystop, J.D.'s, Hundley's Drywall, and Ell-Bee Towing.  But the team is looking for additional sponsors to rally around Tyler and the mission.

If you would like to sponsor Royal Racing's efforts, contact Mike Royal at 270-903-4567.  Or you can email him at mroyalracing@gmail.com.