Today is Look-A-Like Day and folks everywhere are trying to decide . . . which celebrity do I look like?  Thanks to a really cool website call, you can upload a photo of yourself and it will scan its photo database and find your possible matches.  So, here at WBKR, we thought it would be fun to find our matches.  Now, I joke all the time about how I look like a pretty well-known actor/filmmaker.  And, wouldn't you know?  As it turns out, I really do.  LOOK!

Yep!  It's me and Madea! 

And, you won't believe who Moon looks like.  THIS is hilarious!!!

Jaclyn looks like a movie star too!  Click HERE to find out which one!

And Dave Spencer's look-a-like will take you back to your childhood and bring you warm, fuzzy memories of a classic Christmas story!  LOOK!

So, wanna know who you look like?  CLICK HERE and the let the matchmaking games begin!  And, be sure to check back here at to find out who Moon, Jaclyn and Dave Spencer look like.  Oh, and Happy Look-A-Like Day!