So, on Thursday, I hopped on over to Hartford,KY. See, my girl Carol Kaye at Images Day Spa was so kind as to make me pretty!! I've NEVER had good eyelashes...seems that the boys always get em!! But, I've always WANTED good lashes, and now, I have em!! Yep...I got a natural set of lash extensions!! Heck yeah! (By the way, Images is SUCH a nice place, if you haven't checked it should!)

So, my sweet little Carol Kaye took me back...turned on some relaxing music and there we were! (I know...sounds like a date! haha!) But, she got to work and put over 45 lashes on me!! I LOVE the results and my lashes look fabalacious!! I haven't worn mascara in 4 days and it's awesome!!

Check out my before and after pics!!

Seize the deal today for an awesome deal on these bad boys! Go it!!