If you were looking forward to Loretta Lynn’s Bi-Annual Trail Ride, you are going to have to wait a little while longer. The ride that was set for September 2-7 at the Loretta Lynn Ranch has been postponed due to recent storm damage and a fire in the commercial kitchen.

According to a press release, the trails are currently under construction and they are concerned with the safety of their guests. According to a quote from Mrs. Lynn in the release:

I hate to cancel this ride. This is one of my favorite things we do at the ranch but Mother Nature sure dealt us a big blow with the recent storm and then we had the fire and it really set us back. We are trying to make sure everyone is safe and that's our main concern. We sure hope to have everything back in order soon for more trail rides. I've been putting on the big organized trail rides for 30 years now and I ain't about to stop ... we just need a little more time.

All other events at the Loretta Lynn Ranch are still scheduled to occur. According to the release, organizers will announce a new trail ride date as soon as possible.