From time to time, I'll run across these lists that, I have to admit, I find very interesting. The topics are of a wide variety. It's always something like "The 10 (fill in the blank)-est Cities in America." Also, from time to time, the subjects are kind of a downer. Like this one--"The 10 Saddest Cities in America." And what do you know? Three of them are within a day's driving distance, and one is in our own backyard. I guess the folks who make these lists have a team of researchers who fan out and use their expertise in the various disciplines in which they need expertise to come up with these results. And it seems our very own Louisville, just 90 some-odd miles from Owensboro, is the 6th saddest. What's interesting is that within the paragraph that explains the designation also lists reasons why it SHOULDN'T be on this list. Actually, some of the other cities in the Top 10 (or could it be Bottom 10) might be surprising at first. Las Vegas and Miami are two examples. But if you look further, and then just think about it, you can see why. Now, I want to see if there's a much larger list and find out where Owensboro and Evansville land. Hopefully, they don't.