Over the weekend, my family and I took advantage of some awesome weather to investigate a little family history in Louisville. One of our stops was Cave Hill Cemetery.

Now, we have no one in our family who's buried there, but my mother wanted to see it because she used to go there and do her homework when she was a nursing student at the University of Louisville. It was the only place where she could find total peace and quiet.

Makes sense.

Anyway, I had never been there before. And I love it. For starters, it's enormous. But, that's not all. As far as the eye can see, there are unbelievable monuments representing incredible artistry. I've never seen so much amazing statuary.

Plus, it's so old that many of the mausoleums are built into hills. AND, we found where Colonel Sanders is buried! (You just know he made sure those 11 herbs and spices were buried with him.)

So, naturally, I took pictures. And because it's a cemetery, I decided to use various functions on my Android camera.

I hope you enjoy them.