I've mentioned many times my affinity for hitting the road and discovering new places. Give me any old back road and I'm pretty sure I'll want to see where it leads.

State Road 66 and the Ohio River Highlands in southern Indiana offer just that opportunity. And I took it. My whole family is like that, so we squeezed as many as who wanted to go into my Hyundai and off we went.

I had never been to Magnet, Indiana but had always heard of it. It is right on the Ohio River. And tucked away on the side of a tiny road about a half a mile from Magnet was this unbelievable memorial.

It's an incredibly sad tale. But it was a perfect find on Memorial Day weekend and one that gave me an opportunity to learn about ten brave men who could be forgotten, their stones tucked away as they are on a small road half a mile down from a small town in southern Indiana.

I won't forget them or their story.