The above-average-to-comfortable temperatures we've experienced so far this spring have made nightly walks irresistible. So I've been power-driving the Skechers these last four weeks. It's been great. Load up the mobile, grab the ear buds, and hit the bricks. Thankfully, I failed to do that second part last night.

I have about four, maybe five, different routes I use when I walk, so I'm familiar enough with all of them to expected the expected, you could say. In other words, I've never encountered anything unpleasant to this point.

Last night, as I was walking, I heard a dog barking off to my right. It got closer and was soon accompanied by the sound of toenails on concrete. The dog was coming toward me, and quickly judging by the noise. I immediately froze and pulled my hands up to my chest.

Without moving my head, I looked down to see what had joined me. Sure enough, it was a pit bull. I remained motionless.  By the time it got to me, the dog had stopped barking. I wasn't sure if that was good or bad. I was, however, sure that its owner wasn't coming over to me quickly enough.

So, I asked, "Would somebody please come get this dog?" I never raised my voice. Eventually, the dog's owner came and retrieved it and told me that it doesn't bite. All I could think was, "Well, maybe it doesn't bite YOU. It's never seen ME." He took the dog back inside, and I continued.

That had never happened to me before. Of course, I walked a little earlier last night than I normally do, so I imagine I caught the dog and his owner in the middle of a routine I usually miss. And, for all I know, the dog IS harmless. Maybe pit bulls are targets for jangled nerves because of all the bad press they receive.

Regardless, he didn't have the animal on a leash. And if I'd had earbuds in and hadn't heard the dog and kept moving, who knows? Anyway, all is right with the world and my ankles are still in tact. And, I guess that's what really matters.