Those of you who listen to the WBKR Waking Crew know that I am a sucker for animals.  My two dogs, Wilma and Dolly, are both rescues.  I took them in when they needed a good home.  Wilma was a stray.  Dolly was essentially given the boot from her home after she produced a litter of pups at the age of 6 months.   I did the same for my deaf cat, Oprah, who was kicked out of her house and wandered around until she found my front porch!  If you're an animal lover like me, you've likely been horrified at the recent news from Perry and Spencer Counties.  There have been two different hoarding raids on two different homes and both uncovered dozens of animals that have been neglected and abused.  Those animals need your help!

Here on WBKR, we are frequently visited by our Owensboro Humane Society friend, Ali Ihlenfeld.  This morning, she stopped by to give us some of the details about the two raids and the animals rescued from terrible situations.  If you were listening, I didn't say a word (for a change!).  I couldn't.  I was furious, disgusted and my heart was broken!  Some of these animals rescued are literally clinging to life.  When they were seized, they were malnourished, had worms, the mange and other health problems.  But the good news is . . . THEY WERE RESCUED!!

And, now, the Owensboro Humane Society needs your help in caring for these animals.  The animals now have shelter, but need food, medications, medical attention, and, ultimately, loving, caring homes!  Shortly after the raid in Perry County, the Spencer County raid happened.  The Owensboro Humane Society and, now, the Hancock County Humane Society are overrun with animals.  I really encourage you guys to help out if you can!  No creature on this Earth deserves to live how these little guys were forced to live.

Visit to donate money to the relief funds.  In fact, at the site you can "CHIP IN" to assist with the animals rescued from Perry and Spencer Counties.  The Humane Society always needs volunteers and now, since the majority of volunteers have been working around the clock to care for animals fighting for their lives, that need for volunteers is at its all-time greatest.

I could barely listen to Ali this morning.  I am the guy that can't watch the TV commercial (with the Sarah McClachlan song) without leaping across the coffee table to grab the remote control and change the channel.  I truly just cannot believe that someone would treat a pet (or pets) in this way!  Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend!  So, why do some people refuse to treat them like it?  I just don't get it . . . and never will.

The Owensboro Humane Society is working its hind legs of to correct a terrible situation.  But they cannot do it alone.  If you can, please visit the website and CHIP IN!  And, if you're looking for a pet to care for and give a great home, adopt some 4-legged love!