I found myself in a state of disbelief after what Margaret said a few days ago.

The ole' blinker fluid trick ...  My friends and I are always cooking up new ways of confusing people, Margaret just happened to be in the cross-hairs this time.  Driving to Indiana the other day, Margaret was talking about her turn signals.  "Sometimes they click louder than other times and sometimes they don't work at all".  My favorite is when she uses the excuse for not using her turn signal at all because... "she doesn't want to waste the blinks"

She asked my friend Nate and myself why her blinkers don't turn on sometimes.  I said very seriously, you drive the type of automobile that is notorious for electrical problems and Nate chimes in the ever popular "Maybe your fluid is low".  "It takes fluid" Margaret asks as Nate smirks and says "Yes and if it gets too low that is what causes the light to burn out".  I say "oh yeah I never thought of that".  Then the big questions start to be asked by Miss Margaret.  Where does one buy blinker fluid?  Where does blinker fluid go when it is bought? We answer with straight faces - You get it at Autozone and it goes under the hood in between the windshield washer fluid and brake fluid.

We went to eat and it kind of slipped my mind that she said all that stuff.  The following day back at her house she was talking with her step mother and was rubbing her eyes because she had so much stuff to buy.  Example - More clothes, college ... and turn signal fluid.  Everything comes back in my mind and I remember the whole conversation and Brenda asks what she's talking about.  Margaret is rubbing her eyes so she can't see us laughing at her.  She opens up her eyes and realizes that the lesson in turn signal fluid was all a hoax.  HA! Got you good Maggie :)