Oh, man, I remember the day Marilyn Monroe died, August 5, 1962. I was taking a nap after doing the morning show at KBST in Big Spring, Texas, and I awoke realizing I had dreamed about Marilyn Monroe. And, for a sixteen year old kid in 1962, that wasn't that unsual. When I heard she had died, it dawned on me I heard it on the news on the  radio I left on as I slept. You can read about Marilyn Monroe here but you can never know what those of us felt here (point to heart) when she passed.  

Tomorrow on Saturday at the Memories at 7:30, I will play an incredible song by the late Sammi Smith, that was a tribute to Marilyn. It is called NORMA JEAN, Marilyn Monroe's real name. It was never a hit, because it was too good, not that exceptional - many great songs never hit.

Join me for that and a lot more, 6-8 Saturday at the Memories, a great way to start the weekend.