Thursday evening was the Trail of Treats on 2nd and Frederica streets.  Marvel Comics decided to show up for the event.

Some pretty funny people were playing the roles of Iron Man and Captain America.  I remember as a kid, when the rare opportunity came up for me to talk to a super hero I would always bail at the last second because of how intimidating they seemed.  But watching these two guys get into costume was something else.

Extremely funny guys.  Telling stories about things they have had to do over the Months and Years as Marvel Characters was just the tip of the iceberg.  But when Captain America had to help Iron Man put his helmet on and snap his shoulder covers on.  I lost it.  It made me think in my head "Hey Captain America, come help me snap my helmet on, I gotta go save some people."

Grab the kids or grand kids and take a listen to the interview I conducted with Captain America.