First, how about some overdue kudos to McDonald's for going 24/7 in the first place? Now, let's hand it to the Golden Arches for specializing a menu just for the night owl set.

Previous incarnations of the late-night McDonald's menu offered patrons anything except breakfast items until 3AM, at which point you could chow down on Egg McMuffins to your heart's content.

But after some tweaking and a name change--the After Midnight menu available from midnight to 4AM--a menu has emerged that will allow a sort of breakfast/lunch fusion, if you so desire. For example, customers will now be able to purchase an Egg McMuffin with fries or, let's say, Quarter Pounder w/Cheese and hash browns.

To celebrate the new menu, promotional teams will fan out and make stops at "local businesses and nightlife hotspots to brighten spirits and liven up the night."

If it's a Big Mac and hash browns at midnight you want, then it's a Big Mac and hash browns at midnight you'll be able to get.

Late night partiers and ball VIP's who lose their glass slippers are now very happy campers.