Hey!  My name is Haley Statts, WBKR's new intern.  I was born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky and am currently a senior at Owensboro High School. And I grew up in a park.

Yes, I grew up in a park. Moreland Park to be exact. My father is the park keeper at Moreland Park so as a child I was given the luxury of having a playground right outside my window. . . literally. I love all kinds of music. I listen to everything from Fleetwood Mac to Beyonce to Blake Shelton to Lana Del Rey and so much more. I spend a majority of my time out of school working. I work at the Edge Ice Center and love it; best job a high school student could have. My favorite ways to relax are hanging out with friends, walking the local nature trails, and watching t.v. My favorite shows are The Big Bang Theory, The Voice, Friends (No, the reruns never get old!), and the best show ever, The Walking Dead. When I'm not watching these shows I'm watching some crazy documentary or a movie on Netflix. Thanks for reading a little about me and I'm looking forward to hear from some of y'all as I start my internship with the WBKR crew!