I love my new Weber grill. It cooks everything so evenly and just right when you follow the recipes. So, when I heard from Omaha steaks that they wanted to send me a bunch of steaks and other delectables, I said, send 'em on, buddy. They were so good. I mean just look how they cooked on the Weber!

A Moon Shot









Steaks, pork chops, chicken. Haven't had a bad one in the bunch. But, they are kinda costly. So, when Debra and I made our way through the aisles of the local, friendly Wal-Mart, this caught my eye.

Rib-eyes. Five of them. Five ounces. Cheap. Let's buy a marinade, just in case these cheaper steaks don't have "it".








Well, you gets what you pays for. I mean, we ate them. But, out of the five ounces, two went away on the grill and maybe two ounces were consumed and the last ounce just lay on the plate like a blown tire.









So, next time, I will just wait for my new friends in Omaha, thank you. Come on over.