The first time I met Justin Davis was backstage at The Grand Ole Opry.  He was entering the men's room as I was leaving it and I nearly knocked his face off with the door.  Hysterically, I didn't realize at the time that I was going to be interviewing Justin in a matter of minutes.  Yep!  He is one half of the up-and-coming duo Striking Matches.  And, last week, I had a chance to redeem myself with a follow-up visit to the Opry and a second interview with Justin and Sarah.  This time, thankfully, no one got a nose job from a swinging door and we were treated to an amazing live performance of Striking Matches' brand new single, "Trouble is as Trouble Does."  This is fantastic.  LISTEN!!

Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis met at Belmont University.  Both were students and were randomly paired one day in a class full of guitar majors.  Needless to say, their chemistry was instant and electric and they've been together since.

Already they have had three of their original songs (including "When the Right One Comes Long" and "Hangin' on a Lie")  featured on the ABC hit drama Nashville.  They made their Grand Ole Opry debut in December of 2012.

And they have now released the brand new single you just heard.

Here at WBKR, we like these two a lot.  In addition to being great musicians, singers and songwriters, they are friendly, down-to-Earth and loving this well-deserved, yet seemingly overnight success.

I personally can't wait to see them backstage at the Opry again.  And, Justin, I promise.  I will give you advance warning if I come barreling out of the men's room.