Last year, America's Got Talent made a huge star out of Gabe the Bulldog!  And this year, the show continues to parade out more loveable critters who want to challenge the humans for the one million dollar top prize.  Last night, when the auditions rolled into Tampa, the judges (Howard, Sharon and Howie) were introduced to Twiggy, the water skiing squirrel.  And no, I'm not kidding!  TAKE A LOOK!

While Twiggy definitely rocked it out, the judges did not pass him through to Las Vegas for the second round.  But Howie called it.  He said America would fall in love with Twiggy and everyone would be talking about the little varmint today.  Maybe Howie was right.  Here at WBKR, Twiggy is definitely a superstar.  I mean, come on.  He's a water skiing squirrel!  When's the last time you saw that???