The Owensboro Police Department has made an addition to its' already impressive police force... Meet Vendo! Vendo is the latest K-9 member of the OPD!

Here's more info from the OPD about the cute pup!

The Owensboro Police Department is pleased to announce the recent addition of our third K-9, Vendo, a 21 month old German Shepherd. Vendo was purchased in November, 2013 at a total cost of $17,988.00 through a Kentucky Office of Homeland Security grant which covered this expense. Received from Top Dogs Police K-9 Academy, LLC in Evansville, Indiana, the K-9 has been trained specifically for the dual purpose capabilities of explosives detection and patrol activities. With this training, the Owensboro Police Department is better equipped to serve our community with precautionary security sweeps of events as well as responding reactively to calls for service.

s assigned handler is Officer Steve Morgan, a 13 year veteran with the Owensboro Police Department who has previous experience in this role. Officer Morgan was a K-9 handler for OPD’s now retired K-9, Bady, and looks forward to serving beside his new partner.

We wish Vendo a long and safe career as a member of the Owensboro Police Department family, and Owensboro community.