We have a brand new intern here at The Country Station.  She's Chloe Tyler, a senior at Owensboro High School.  Chloe has come to us to learn about radio, marketing and advertising and we're thrilled to have her along for the semester.  Chloe is very involved in academics and dance.  In fact, she's one of the most focused interns we've ever had.  But, I figured we would let Chloe introduce herself to you.  So, here goes . . .

(image from Facebook)

Hey guys, I'm Chloe Tyler and I am interning at WBKR. This has been the most fun class I have taken in high school. At Owensboro High, I am apart of the internship class so every other morning I get to join Chad Benefield as well as other WBKR employees.

Though most of my mornings I go to early school meetings and WBKR, my afternoons belong to Joy Johnson's Dance Studio where I am a Company Member. Currently we are working on our next show, The Nutcracker!  I will be Shepardess this year as well as a part of other company numbers.

However, not all my time belongs to school and extra curriculars.   I am totally in love with the New England Patriots!!! So every Sunday I devote my day to the football game. Oh, and I am pretty sure I have been in love with Matthew Perry since the first episode of Friends, so I can't help but be addicted to his new show Go On, which is on every Tuesday.

My other guilty pleasures would most definitely be... Facebook, chicken noodle soup, my phone,  and music.  If I could have music playing 24/7 throughout my life, like in the movies, I am pretty sure I would be in heaven.

With all of this comes my great interest in marketing and advertising which I hope to major in. I am currently looking at the University of Colorado at Boulder, University of California at Santa Barbara, and the University of Louisville.  However, I am totally open to any college at the moment since it is the beginning of my senior year.

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Though I am an only child my mother says I have a brother, which is my dog Teddy (who was originally named after Teddy Bruschi).   He is totally treated like a human and I swear he is the favorite in my family! And I cannot forget about Ron, my beta fish, who is the coolest fish alive. Of course he is named after Ron Weasley off of Harry Potter since he is mostly red.

I will finally be turning eighteen this coming January and everyone says nothing changes but your age, but I still like the idea that I can finally say I am a legal adult.

(Image from Facebook)

Anyways, being at WBKR has been a blast.  Never having a dull moment has been a great way to start off the mornings.   And, by the way, music is always playing, so talk about coolest place to work!