Most of our history today concerns hit tunes, but then we will feature the death of Don Rich, a great Country musician and member of Buck Owens band, the Buckeroos.

In 2004, Tim McGraw was Living Like He Was Dying. #1 seven years ago today.

On this date in 1999, Lonestar peaked at #1 with Amazed.

And, probably Alan Jackson's most fun song and video, Chattahoochee, started a four-week stint at the #1 spot.

in 1979 I interviewed Buck Owens at WDAF, in Kansas City. It had been only five years since Don Rich's death in a motorcycle accident and Buck was hesitant to speak about it. I pressed him on it, since he was co-hosting a show with me looking back at the decade of the 70's, a decade he dominated in Country Music.

So we spoke briefly about it. Don was Buck's best friend, co-writer, band leader and harmony singer. He was instrumental in Buck's sound. Buck told me with his death, it was the death of that sound as well. I read that in later years Buck wouldn't speak of it. But, on that day with me he did.

You can read all about Don Rich here and watch him sing with Buck here.