Moonlight serenade... Scotch and water... Oh my do I feel high!

The Finer Things In Life

Last summer, a friend of mine visited me in Owensboro as he rode his motorcycle from Florida to Canada. We went to lunch at Old Hickory BBQ and had a jolly good time reminiscing the 'old days' of when he was band manager for the Guess Who? As we neared the end of our lunch and conversation, I mentioned to him that I had been giving myself a "treat" and buying myself a better brand of Scotch than I had been drinking the past few years.

He said, "You shouldn't give yourself a treat. Life is too short. Drink it all the time!" So, I went to Rite-Aid and purchased Johnny Walker Black - a Scotch that is just a little less quality than Chivas Regal.


Thank the Lord, I Found the Scotch

About two weeks ago, Mrs. Moon and I went to Sam's Club and dropped by the liquor section. I was stunned to discover that Chivas Regal was $28 for a 750 ml. I was paying $45 for a lesser quality Scotch (but very good Scotch) for the same quantity.

Needless to say, I immediately thanked my Lord, bought a good amount of the Chivas and went home to celebrate by pouring it into my Yankees' tumbler.


The Moral of the Story

When a good friend tells you to enjoy the finer things of life, just make sure you shop around first. Sam's Club is a good place to start and buying in bulk doesn't hurt either.