I am back from vacation and it's dieting time for Moon. I mean, just look at this tummy!

A Moon Shot

I am too thin everywhere else to have that protrusion. Sheesh. Princess Kate looks smaller. It all started in 1979. All my life -- up until then -- I had been so skinny. 6' 1" and 140 lbs. A guy I worked with saw me coming down the hall and said, "Moon, you're getting a little gut on you". I was shattered. He was right. My friend, Denise, told me, "That's not so much there that a few sit-ups wouldn't cure". Thanks for that, D. So, instead I started walking on a regular basis and kept myself trim until the last five years.  I was still exercising but occasionally the ol' shed would start to fold outwards. So, I'd cut back and try exercising more but nope - more bowling ball. Two years ago I went on Weight Watchers and it really worked. But, you know, you go back to regular food and drink. Then you start with bread, donuts, cake -- and when you take in more calories than you work off ... Looks like I have these in my future.


Yes, I am counting my points. I am going to start today with a 30 point per day limit. Lawd, this is going to be hard. I have to cut back on my liquor. Sorry, Rite-Aid stock will plummet.

A Moon Shot

Goodbye my mist of the Highlands, my liquid candy, my bane of my tummy.

Hello to this --