George Jones' funeral will be at 10 this morning. Taste of Country has a list of where you can view it. In 1992, when I interviewed George Jones on Nashville Live I learned that George's favorite TV show -- at that time -- was HBO's Tales From the Crypt. That surprised Chad and at the time George told me I was surprised, too.  On this segment, George talks about what he did before he became a singer, his unique style and the "new" country.

George was very well known for his vocal range, from the high parts to the really low register. He told me he had some trouble with the high notes. The number of albums he recorded with Tammy and someone asks him about Lorrie Morgan's version of A Picture of Me without You.

As I mentioned above, something that surprised me was how much George liked the HBO show Tales from the Crypt.  We make a reference to it at the end of the following segment which also includes George talking about how he prepared to sing a sad son and his nickname, "Possum".

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