With the "Master's Athletic Challenge" (formerly known as Senior Games) almost upon us, I am compelled to share with you some of my favorite "seniors" and not necessarily senior "moments". This past week, 78-year-old Barbara Eden donned her Jeannie suit once again and looked great in it.Townsquare Digital Managing Editor Ashley Sollars perhaps said it best when she secured the photo site for me: "God, let me be reincarnated as Barbara Eden’s plastic surgeon"!

Orf Eins Live

She was in Vienna for a television special AIDS charity event. Sir Elton John was there.  Fergie was there.  And, Jeannie's new "Master" was there.


Orf Eins Live

The president said the best part of the weekend was meeting Barbara Eden.

For more fabulous photos of this senior head over to her Facebook page.

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