In 1970, my first "real" horse race was at Keeneland. As I looked over the form trying to decide what horse to place a bet on, I saw the name Dust Commander. Being from west Texas I knew a lot about sand; it blew there all time. Wouldn't you know, that hunch paid off. I won $70 on a $2 bet! A week later, at the 1970 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, Dust Commander did it again. Now, I didn't win that much that first Saturday in May. Due to his victory at Keeneland there was too much money placed on him to pay large. 

In this fabulous technological, digital world in which we live, I just happened to enter Dust Commander in You Tube and darned if that race is not there! Take a look.

Four years later, I attended the 100th anniversary of the world-famous event. Leaving the stadium, there was a photographer snapping pictures of the exiting patrons. He snapped this picture:

The fellow on the left is Jack "Bucks" Braun who did mornings at WINN, Louisville. That fella behind him is Moon Mullins, both blitzed on Mint Juleps. Yummy.