Well, I had an exciting time off. I had a lenghty list of things to get done. And, by George, I got 'er done. If I may, let me share how good a time I had. Enjoy it vicariously.

1. Unclutter upstairs closet. Get a lot of books together for shipping.

2. Scan pictures into computer. I am keeping the photos but want them saved on the computer. I have Carbonite so they will always be secured.

3. Order prescriptions. Yes, I have to take various medicines. Lucky for me they're generic and I order 90 days worth at a time.

Having fun so far?

4. Use Academy.com gift certificate. Academy is a large sports equipment and clothing store. They don't have any in this area so I used a Christmas gift certificate. I bought canvas shoes and sandles.

5. Sync I-phones. Well, I found I-tunes wasn't on the computer, so I will have to post pone this one. Don't like doing it anyway. Apple wants to take over the world.

6. Clean and straighten out the basement. This took days. Lots of stuff to haul away.

7. Go to Goodwill. Love them.

8. Look for coffee at Bargains. Didn't have what I wanted. I have until 8-2 to use my Seize the Deal certificate.

9. Go to veggie stand out 431. Very nice lady runs it. We bought baby eggplant. Delicious.

10. Clean and straighten out garage. I did this the first day. Killer on allergies.

We are almost halfway through. Hang in.

11. Check tires' tread. Front ones are iffy, back ones not too bad. I only drive up and down Frederica, so I am set for awhile.

12. Replace light bulb in turn signal. Thank you Wal-Mart.

13. Take old computer to Computer Dave. Thanks Dave!

14. Find my Elvis autograph. Didn't find it, darn it.

15. Package books and send to daughter. She told me it was like Christmas. I think I sent her some books she'd given me.

16. Clean bathroom. I hate this.

17. Clean and straighten out bathroom cabinet. I hate this, too.

18. Update movie collection. I love doing this. I have about 200. Never watch them but it is nice to know they are there.

19. Take stuff to Daviess County landfill. Hey, you can take your stuff and throw it in the dumpsters yourself now. Thanks landfill folks!

20. Buy pot holders. Didn't get this done. Maybe next year.

21. Look for Guinness black lager. Didn't make this one either.

22. Spray weed killer behind garage. There were a billion aunts living in the underbrush. They had to move.

23. Go by Rite-Aid for scotch, wine and beer. I made several trips.

24. Buy Kroger charcoal. I bought lump charcoal. Bad idea! I read Kroger's charcoal uses minimum additives. It worked great. No more lumps.

And, (drum roll) finally ...

25. Mow. Only did this once. Thank you heat wave.