Let's take time to ponder life's mysteries.


Crying. Tears. Weeping. Some people well up at the slightest drop of spilled milk. Others never tear up. For me the water works flow when I see a sweet little kid hugging his or her mama, the end of Old Yeller or when I find I forgot to restock the scotch.  Actors and actresses can produce a crying jag on cue.  Jimmy is always telling Chad, "Cry me a river". Now, question number one:

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Can one of us, on cue or at the saddest thought, cry under water? I have seriously come to the conclusion you can't.  Maybe later this year I will head over to Combest, jump in, think of poor Ol' Yeller and try it.


Pennies. Little copper pennies. I go to great lengths to try and avoid having to use pennies to pay for anything. I use my credit card more than necessary just because I don't have to use pennies. For some reason we still use them. They should have been eliminated from usage ages ago.

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A idiomatic term we use for sharing an opinion is, "Two cents worth". And, when someone wants to know what you're thinking they say, "penny for your thoughts". So, my question is Where is that extra penny?  Probably in my change bucket where all my pennies go.


As my education in the great state of Texas developed I first heard of "assassination" when we learned of President Abraham Lincoln's death at the hands of John Wilkes Booth, who by the way was one of America's most wealthy men -- bet you didn't know that.  In 1963, I was working at KLLL in my hometown of Lubbock when President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. It was difficult to be proud to be from Texas for awhile. Then, of course later famous assassinations of Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lennon and so many more.
















What I want to know is -- when do you become famous enough to be assassinated instead of simply murdered?