Just last week I wrote about my dog Zoe and her weirdness.

Well this week the proof is in the puddin'... no, that would have been something she could eat:  She and I are going to have a little chat about this:

Chewed cassette in her bed with things she is SUPPOSED to chew.

MOON: Well, I see you’ve been bad again.

ZOE: What? Me? What did I do?

MOON: You ate something you’re not supposed to.

ZOE: I don’t know anything about “not supposed to”. I am a dog, I can eat anything that’s on the floor.

MOON: No, you can’t. You don’t eat the edge of chairs, or the TV stand or the couch. They’re on the floor.

ZOE: Yeah, but I eat small stuff. You know, paper, bugs, dropped chips… I LOVE chips.

MOON:  Nop, no, no – you ate this. Mrs. Moon’s cassette she left on the floor.

ZOE: Her fault – shouldn’t have left it on the floor.

Mac McAnally Cassette

MOON:  But, look at it. It’s destroyed and some plastic is missing which means you ate plastic!

ZOE: Could have been worse. I could have gotten the tape. Then, I might have gotten a tape worm.  Ha-ha-ha… oops, sorry. Not funny. Oh, I see it is by Mac McAnally.  Let’s just  say I had a “Mac” attack.


The guilty dog.