The good and the bad of the automotive world loom around the streets day by day and people looking for either a new or a used car need to know what to buy.  Consumer Reports released a list of cars to avoid.

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Special thanks to Pamela Oakes for joining us on MotorCast this week.  She is ASE certified and pretty much a beast when it comes to cars.  Check her out online and take a look at her book on  She called in to give a few tips on what to do with the car before you set out on those long trips.  These tips are very simple and when it comes to checking tires, oil and the rest of your fluids, you can do that from the driveway.

Just to get an idea of what was going on in MotorCast, the cars we mentioned from Consumer Reports are below and according to CR, these are the ones to stay away from.  See what you think.

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First up was the Mercedes-Benz CLA.  "The Mercedes For Everyone"  It's the first time Mercedes has gone with a front wheel drive platform in many many years which is strange for a German luxury saloon.  The option for all wheel drive comes too with the 4Matic drivetrain for two thousand dollars more.  It's a great looking car front and back but Consumer Reports complain about the stiff ride in the suspension.  But not all bad when it comes to this car.  It's one of the cheapest Benz's you can buy with a price tag just under thirty thousand.

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Now it's the turn of the Beetle!  It's been around since 1938 and hasn't changed too much in styling, except for some obvious safety features.  The new VW is pegged as unreliable by CR and when you take it to the shop to get it fixed it'll cost you.  Same with the Mercedes up there, if it breaks... the parts have to be shipped from Germany and that isn't particularly cheap. But if you have to have a VolkesWagen it might be smart to go with the VW Golf instead.

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The Nissan Versa.  The model shown in the picture is the Versa Note which is smaller than the original.  Very nice gas mileage in this vehicle.  CR said this car is a bore to drive and when you wreck it, it's going to hurt a little bit.  Low crash test ratings put this car on the list.  Front end crash ratings only got 3 stars.

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I hope you didn't look at that too quickly because you might have whiplash.  Honda pumped this thing out for the first time in 2010 and they still make this humped over Accord station wagon crossover hatchback thing now in 2014.  This includes the Acura ZDX, same engine, same chassis, same everything.  It made the avoid list due to it's "All over the place" handling and it's lack of cargo space.  Replacement cars include the Subaru Outback and the Toyota Venza.

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The Scion TC.  Toyota's new son who is trying desperately to be just like dad.  Front wheel drivetrain, 4 banger up front and you can sure hear it screaming when you are on the interstate.  Not the best traveling car.  I have had one of these out on the open road.  Owensboro to Nashville wasn't too awful but I would never take it anywhere farther than that due to the uncomfortable ride and the interior noise.

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Wrapping up the list is the Mitsubishi Outlander.  Shown is the GT model but why would you need to go fast in an SUV?  Placed on the avoid list due to it's disability to accelerate at a decent pace and because it's kind of scary to drive.  Same as the Honda Crosstour from before,  it's very clumsy in the corners.  Substitutes for this vehicle include the Honda CRV and the Subaru Forester.

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