As the days pass, more and more technology is getting packed into cars and when it comes to heated seats and steering wheel's... we know it's unnecessary but it's nice.

Necessary tech is a different story.  As I explain in MotorCast this week, automatic braking is a wonderful edition to cars.  It keeps you and everyone around you safe and sound.  But other things in cars are a little over the top.  And everything is right here in this week's MotorCast!

Take a listen!

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General Motors sure do have a way to the hearts of their consumers.  They are back in the news yet again and this time it's the Chevy Cruze that has issues.  It's big issue right now is the ignition switch issue they have been dealing with for 10 years.  No one knew about this until recently because GM kept it a secret.  They have been trending with us for awhile now and we do our best to stay up to date with their automotive fault's.

"Certain vehicles may be equipped with a suspect driver's air bag inflator module that may have been assembled with an incorrect part,"  Words from GM Spokesman Jim Cain.

The company that is responsible for the airbag construction is Takata.  GM has identified 33,000 Cruze's to be infected with this issue.  THIS IS NOT A RECALL.  Not yet anyway.  GM is still weeding out which cars are having the issue and told Detroit to halt the sales until the problem is ironed out.  So please be careful on your cruise and in your Cruze!

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