For years now, the European natives have been enjoying gas mileage that we could only dream of in the states.  Having said that, we take a look at what we think is "good gas mileage" then compare it to some of the variations of cars that we don't have here in the U.S. of A. First we'll talk about the new pickup that Ram is giving us.  We wanted a piece of the tech that the Europeans were using to get all this mileage.  We asked nicely and we finally got one.  The Ram 1500 ECOdiesel.  The smallest engine to ever go into a Ram Truck is the 3.0L VM Motori V6 from Italy.  Italian engines might seem strange in a Dodge but remember, Italy is Chrysler's new stomping ground.  All the specs are featured in this week's MotorCast

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Now we will do a comparison.  Take the Toyota Prius for instance... Hybrid Technology pushes this car to get better mileage in the city than it does on the highway but neither number is too awful.  It scores 51 MPG in the city and 48 on the highway.  Great right?  The Ford Focus is featured this week in MotorCast and here in America we have several different variations of the Focus.  From the Sport to the Wagon to the ST.  35-40 MPG? Ballpark?... Sounds good to me, my Cadillac gets 11 in the city.  Across the ocean in Europe they have the Ford Focus too.  But they have a variation of it that we do not.  The diesel.  This car gets... hold your breath... 83.1 MPG.  It has a 1.1L engine so hills are a bit of a challenge but 83.1 MPG????  My car doesn't even get that when it's sitting still and turned off.


Some fun was had over the last few days and I notched another car off of my list.  The 2014 Dodge Challenger R/T.  It'll stand up and get down the road if you know what I mean.

376 Ponies from the ever popular 5.7L Hemi V8.  It's big and it feels big when you are driving it but that thing will hold on to the road.  This car is surprisingly light in the back as well.  A good romp on the gas pedal and it'll break the tires free and clear.  Still a fun drive.

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