I used to be able to spot a rental car from a mile away.  No one buys a sky blue Ford Taurus.  But now they are handing the keys out to cars that seem to blend in.  Metallic paint, flashy badges, push button start, and sometimes a sunroof.  Interesting weekend with my friends in town and they both had rental cars.  Great gas mileage on both and both are great looking cars.

Check out the comparison and the best of the two on MotorCast!

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With it's bright, gaudy gauges and demanding headlights, it seems the Altima would kind of just slide down the road with ease.  It kind of does.  It's comfortable and sleek, has a punch when you need it, and with it's faux alloy wheels and no smoking sticker, it's the perfect rental car.


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Then the Fusion.  Screaming front end that says, "Hello, I'm an Aston Martin with Evo X headlights."  Then it passes you, and it says, "Gotta go.  By the way, I'm actually a Jaguar XJ."  It's sleek,  and complicated to look at sometimes because you are always looking for another car hidden in the front end.  But it's simple to drive, and again, with it's fake alloy hubcaps and no smoking sticker, it's the perfect rental car.


We also put emphasis on crash testing and how small cars are getting low numbers.  The large staff at MotorCast want to ask that you please check the star count on the window sticker of your small car before you make any decisions.