I feel like no one knows quite what to do with Halloween...when it doesn't fall on a Friday or Saturday. Having been in radio for many years and on the air on October 31st on many, many occasions, it occurs to me that Halloween kind of throws people when it's on a school night.

When that happens, we get questions all the time about when the set time for trick-or-treating is supposed to be. And I usually just tell folks that it's up to the parents. These days, most kids are finished with their rounds just as the sun is setting, but I saw a few this year out after dark.

Maybe it would be easier if the Movement to Move Halloween got its wish and Halloween was, from this day forward, set for the final Saturday in October. I had long believed that Halloween should stay put. I mean October 31st isn't an arbitrary choice for the spookiest of all holidays. There's a historical reason why Halloween is where it is.

But many don't care about that anymore. It's become a huge party holiday--enjoyed by adults, now, just as much as it ever was by kids...if not more. And it's just weird to have a big party on a...Wednesday. Or a Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, or--worst of all--Sunday night.

I believe the movement is desired for the sake of convenience. And after long disagreeing with this desire, I think I'm on board. Honestly, I just didn't get into Halloween this year, and I think it was because it plopped right down in the middle of the week.

Of course, there are objections to the movement. They call themselves the Movement Against the Movement of Halloween. So we'll let both factions battle it out on Facebook and see if a true grass roots campaign unfolds. And next October 31st--a Thursday--we'll either be celebrating Halloween or it'll be just another day.

By the way, while we're at it, can we make Thanksgiving the LAST Thursday in November. The 22nd is just far too early. BUT I guess that's another story for another day.