Okay, the picture was just to get your attention. Worked, didn't it?


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Who was your first movie star crush? Mine was Brigitte Bardot. Next, came Nancy Kwan. How about yours? Check it out on the WBKR Facebook page.

From Facebook, here is what a few of you had to say.

Lisa Nix John Travolta (Saturday Night Fever)

Dwight Woods Annette.

Danny Fulkerson Candace Cameron- Full House

Miranda Harn Joey Lawrence in Blossom!!
Greg Clark dawn wells "marryann from gilligans island?"
Kevin Rose Daisy Duke
Stephen Thompson Diana Rigg as Emma Peel on the British spy show The Avengers
Lou Ann Bearley Tom Cruise or Michael J. Fox
Jenny Fulkerson Garrett Patrick Swayze..... Dirty dancing, ;-)
Marie Hooper Patrick swaysie (spelling?)  In the outsiders
Teresa M Lawson Patrick Swayze.


Yikes, he's a 83 and still a lady's man. Clint Eastwood, who is getting divorced, has apparently been messing around with the ex-wife of his wife's new boyfriend, who is really her old boyfriend. Huh?


Who is TV's highest paid woman? Sofia Vergara. Forbes.com says she made $30 million last year!


Time Warner will be Dale Earnhardt's new sponsor. Now that their disagreement with CBS has been settled they must have some extra dough left over. But, only enough to sponsor five of the Cup races . The #88 car is full now. Hey, Dale move up from 7th now! Hear the NASCAR action on WBKR and wbkr.com Saturday night at 5:30.


Tim McGraw, father of two, says parenting is quote, "More than anything, you sort of act as a gutter guard.  You just stand there with your arms out and catch 'em if they start falling.  And every now and then you've gotta let them hit the ditch a little bit so they can learn something." To state the obvious, gutter guards keep leaves and trash out of your gutters.


It begins today. Jaclyn's Jukebox. Check it out here.


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In LaRue county, a couple died under a car they were working on. John and Chong Muir were found by their son, Danny, when he arrived at their home. Apparently they suffocated when the car, lifted on ramps and a jack, fell on them.