On Wednesday, Ashley Mefford of Mudd River Union joined me in the studio. Aside from realizing that we're BFF... we told y'all all about the band and played some of their music. Well, go check them out tonight...

Mudd River Union is a band made up of six members with big country hearts and musical souls. Their name illustrates the blending of several musical styles; each genre giving distinct character to their original music. Drawn together by one common bond, the love of music, each will tell you that destiny has drawn the band together. They’re a bluegrass picking, country loving, rock star drumming, blues bending, funky bass playing, music loving band.

Mudd River Union is playing tonight at 7:00pm at the (old) Central City High School, the Central City Convention Center. The concert benefits the Muhlenburg County Band Boosters. Admission is a suggested $5, but of course, you are more than welcome to give more!! They are such an awesome band and it's a great cause! Come out and support the Muhlenburg County Band and watch a great show!