If you know someone in middle Tennessee, and I know several, then you've more than likely heard about the recent invasion of cicadas.  In case you need a refresher, here's a little background info. The good thing is, they don't bite or sting, well, they can sting if they mistake a human limb for a tree.  Mostly, they are known for being noisy and yes, they will attack trees. This particular invasion only happens every thirteen years, sometimes, every seventeen years.  When they finally emerge from the ground, the mating begins!  Maybe they heard about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's nuptials this weekend.  The eggs the females lay will eventually kill the part of the tree in which they are lain.  The only protection is surrounding trees with cheesecloth.  Luckily, this invasion only lasts about a month, and then?  Much like my interest in American Idol, they all die and their bodies go back into the ground to fertilize.  A full circle experience if you may.  As long as they don't sting or bite, I'm good.  And they sound cool, can it really be that bad?