So, this weekend, I traveled the 2 hour drive to Columbia, KY. Now, for those of you that know Columbia, let's be's not much! About 4,000 people, with a heck of a lot of charm!! But, only in size is it small...on a day that rained pretty heavily on and off from 6am, until I went to sleep (can't say when, my Mom reads this stuff!!)... $8,773.00 was raised for 2 local Relay For Life teams and 1 scholarship fund!! Awesome!!

My lead guitar player Easton's family hosts this event. (Thanks Bryant family!! Especially for hosting me! It only sounded like a good idea to sleep in my car with a sleeping bag!! HA!) This was the second annual Bull Run Charity Music Event. It featured a morning 5K (Yep....I DID IT!!!) About noon, live music started and included 8 different acts, ranging from a 12 year old singer songwriter (so good!), to myself (Yeah!) to my friends Salvage Town. An awesome day of music! We sold t-shirts, painted faces, danced and ate!! Speaking of eating...all cooked on-site...we ate chicken (of course!!), a pig (it was kinda icky looking, but tasted delicious!!), rabbit, turtle, alligator and rattlesnake!! Yep...I know what you're thinking and yes, it was a redneck festival!! Haha!

People hooked their campers up, set up tents, rocked out some mud boots and had a heck of a time!!

Seriously thou, over $8500 from a community that small really makes you think about how much good there really is all around us! And, how if everyone just does a little...alot can happen!!

Thought you would enjoy these pics!! Y'all are gonna flip over this outhouse!!