So, during last nights ACM awards Blake Shelton was as we all expected...sooo funny! ( And, extremely yummy!!) Here are some my Blake favorites from last night...

On why he hasn't dedicated a song to fiance' Miranda Lambert like Keith Urban did for his wife..."I will, as soon as she brings home a friggin' Oscar!"

On why Brad Paisley's wife should be jealous of his guitar..."If he (Paisley) plays that thing (guitar) any harder, he's gonna get it pregnant!"

On Carrie Underwood's husband being traded to the Nashville Predators..."You know who else traded husbands this year...LeAnn Rimes!!" I totally LOL'd!!!!

On why Jake Gyllenhaal broke up with Taylor Swift..."You know...he was in Brokeback Mountain!"

On the celebrity shoot he hosted...."It went great! I shot three celebrities...and Luke Bryan!"

He also threw dollar bills in the direction of Miranda Lambert while announcing her... too funny!