I've been wanting to watch a hockey game, in person, for a while now. It's no secret that my first and forever love is football, so I was a little nervous about hockey. I wasn't real sure what to expect and to be honest, not quite crazy about all the fighting. (I've a lover, not a fighter ;) )

But, last night, some girlfriends and I went to see the Evansville Icemen play and even thou they lost the game, we had an awesome time! Here are a few things I learned about hockey:

1. It's cold in there. Sure, I realized that there is a large plot of ice in the middle of the arena, but I wasn't planning on keeping my pea coat on the entire game, ha!

2. Hockey is intense. I'm pretty sure that if you're prone to seizures, you should stay at home. I was getting dizzy from the constant motion trying to figure out where that dang puck was!

3. I spent the first 4 minutes cheering for the wrong team, because I didn't look at the uniforms properly. ;)

4. Hockey players are hot.

5. Teeth are hotter. I'll stick with my football boys, ha! (Except for that one cute guy that I'm pretty sure was looking at me from the ice. Yes, I may be delusional, but boo boo was fine!)

6. Every time any player(s) slammed against the glass, I squealed. (And, maybe peed a little.) Weird, because I also thought this was really cool! (And, kinda hot.)

7. Hockey fans can be a little, oh, what's the word... Passionate?!? They are very verbal about how they feel, ha! (This coming from the girl who yelled at a grown man at a Titans game for hassling our players, ha!)  When the opposing players were in the penalty box, one little boy kept beating on the glass. We didn't know if this was ok or not, but no one else seemed to mind, ha!

8. It was FUN! We absolutely LOVED it! And, will be back for more! The atmosphere is electric and I can't wait to learn more about the game so I can yell things too, ha!

9. I'm gonna need a jersey for future games. Hockey jerseys are the cutest!

The Icemen Owner and President, Ron Geary was walking around after the game, talking to fans and he stopped to ask us how we liked it. (Super cool huh?) We told him it was our first game and we would definitely be back!

So, while I'm not breaking up with football just yet, I'm excited to become a hockey fan! An Icemen fan, of course!!