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My grandmothers could wield boiling pots or iron skillets with the best of them. That was the extent of their "weightlifting."So I guess, if push came to shove, they COULD have taken down a purse snatcher. But they never did, so we'll never know.

My mom's mother--we called her "T" because we couldn't pronounce "Grandmother Topmiller"--actually never did much cooking that I remember. But when she would get the urge to whip up a big old batch of chicken and dumplings, the dogs (and the grandchildren) would be howling at the back door.

My dad's mother--we called her "Mommo" because, well, I don't why we called her that--was one of the best cooks who ever lived, by all accounts. The one thing she did that I'll never forget was the magic performed with an iron skillet. It's where she would prepare her world-famous (well, it should've been) fried white corn. Unreal! I can taste it right now.

So, no they never were "weightlifting grannies" like Tucson, Arizona's Shirley Rupp, whom you saw make a purse snatcher regret ever coming near her.

But they were HELLACIOUS cooks. Let me tell you something. My dad's mother passed away when I was 5 and my mom's mother when I was 14. That should give you some idea of just how memorable those particular dishes were.