While making plans with a buddy of mine to go celebrate his birthday today, I learned something about sports. Now I know a good deal about sports, but I am not a super fan like my friend that’s for sure. So for me to learning something about sports isn’t a huge shock.

We were talking about what to do to celebrate and he mentioned wanting to go out because of all the sports action today. And I agreed because it is Sunday and there is a plate full of football options and being able to see a couple at once sounded like a great idea. But it was then my buddy informed me he wanted to go into sports overload of sorts. Not just watching a couple football games, but throwing in the World Series game 4 and maybe some hockey and wrestling as well.

Now I am able to multitask and do a pretty good job of it, but when he mentioned watching all of these sports at once, I started getting a headache. I had to ask him how he could keep track of all of the different games and not lose focus. He told me that because he had played all of the sports it is a little easier. He understands them from the inside and has a passion for them that helps him keep up with it all at once. He even compared it to something I understand a little more, orchestral music.

So when it was all said and done, we watched football, baseball, and wrestling and he showed me a few tricks to focus on all of them at once. I think it is going to take a while before I am able to go into sports overload, but I can certainly understand the joy of it!

So for all of the super sports fans out there, enjoy your massive consumption of sports this weekend! Hopefully next weekend I will be working on being right there with you!