94 pictures. 94 selfies, I should clarify. When I took the stage at KMS Saturday night for my set during the Brasher Bogue & Real Friends concert, I asked Brett to hold my phone. 94 selfies later, I realized I'd made a big mistake, big... huge!

Here are some of my favorite's from Brett's "photo shoot" on MY phone, haha!

And, it begins...



Ummm... what exactly is happening here?!?!?
I was in the middle of a convo and had NO clue pics were being taken, ha!
I realize it now, haha!

Truth is... Brett does this ALL the time with all of our phones! Now, while it did make me laugh so hard that I snorted, I thought this public-shaming may make him rethink taking a gazillion selfies on our phones. Think it'll work?!?