The truth is out there.  Somewhere.  And just about every coaster enthusiast and amusement park buff has a theory about what Holiday World's big announcement is going to be.  Yep!  In May, the park launched a brand new website called 66 Days at Sea and that website serves as a countdown to Thursday, July 24th, when officials at Holiday World are set to make a MAJOR announcement.  But, so far, they are only giving extremely vague hints as to what that announcement may be.  But check out this video.  Two Indiana teenagers named Jordan and Alec have poured over every detail of every single clue and they think they're onto something.

As for this amateur sleuth, I recently attended Holiday World's annual enthusiast event  Holiwood Nights.  And, while there, I did some investigating and interviewing of my own and came up with my own theory about the big announcement.  I think the park is going to unveil plans for its first-ever steel roller coaster!  And here's why I think so . . .

Mark it.  Thursday, July 24th.  Holiday World and Splashin' Safari is going to make a HUGE announcement.  I cannot wait to hear what the park has in store and I can't wait to be there to hear it live.  Yep!  My curiosity and conspiracy-theory blog (LOL!) earned me an invitation to be there for the big announcement.

As I said . . . the truth is out there.  And all will soon be revealed!