Kansas is the heart of America and Saturday it's beat is the sound of NASCAR super engines. The Spring Cup Race moves into Kansas Super Speedway just southwest of Kansas City. You can hear all the excitement on WBKR or wbkr.com starting at 5:30.

Jeff Gordon is in the lead with Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch close behind.

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Denny Hamlin says he sure feels better after getting the win at Talladega behind him. "When you run great for 480 miles and then throw it away in the last 20", the season is frustrating. "I don't have to hit the panic button. We can just focus on the program."

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Bobby LaBonte, the 2000 champion, turned 50 Thursday. "I wanted to be out of town or somewhere no one would notice or remember."

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Kenny Francis, Kasey Kahne's crew chief, made a NASCAR rules violation in last week's race. Kahne had to start in the last row because his car did not meet the minimum weight standards. It cost Francis $25,000. Ouch.